Palm Harbor Honorary Mayor

Palm Harbor Honorary Mayor - Ana Smith

Ana Smith


About Honorary Mayor

This is a FUN fund-raiser. Palm Harbor is not a city and there is no “real” Mayor! CANDIDATES MUST BE ADULT HUMANS AND A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING OF THE PALM HARBOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

About the Cause

Ana Smith is the first Latino Honorary Mayor of Palm Harbor. Her mission is to ensure Palm Harbor is a Human Trafficking Free Zone.

Ana is raising awareness and money for the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. You can learn more about the cause by clicking below.

Sign a Proclamation

Issue a Proclamation declaring your company or organization a TraffickingFree Zone. Signing a Proclamation demonstrates your stance against human trafficking and activities which support it. A proclamation sends a clear message to your sphere of influence that you are educated about human trafficking in your community, you are enraged that our children are being exploited, and you are engaged in the effort to stop the trafficking of our children.

How it Works

The Palm Harbor Chamber member who raises the most money for this fun fundraiser is the WINNER! Candidates ask contributors for $1 a vote. The candidate who collects the most votes (money) will be declared the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce Honorary Mayor at the annual dinner in October.
A contributor can vote a many times as he/she wishes. Some of the proceeds will help benefit charities designated by the candidates. We will announce the candidates by email and in e-news. You can vote directly to the chamber office, pay cash or credit card or . . .
The Honorary Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce Mayor will ride in the holiday parade and also attend our Chamber Ribbon Cuttings. This fundraiser was begun in 1982!